Accessories & Sheet Music

Chapel Violins supplies many accessories for your stringed instrument and we offer advice based on the wide range of experience and feedback from our customers.

We make our recommendations for your individual needs and in the majority of cases we can send these smaller items in the post. Please contact us for further information on any of the items listed on this page.

We provide suggestions for strings depending on your type of instrument and the music that you enjoy playing. There are many very good strings available with a wide variety of tonal characteristics.
Please visit the manufacturer websites linked below for their range of strings and technical details;

Shoulder Rests
There are 3 major brands of shoulder rest, Kun, Wolf and Bon Musica, each with their own particular advantages. The most important aspect of a shoulder rest is that your instrument sits comfortably, enables you to have the correct posture and your left hand is free for movement.
We provide a complimentary fitting service where we make appropriate adjustments to the shoulder rest to fit you and your instrument perfectly.

There are many styles of case, made from various materials for you to choose from. Particular attention should be made that your instrument fits well in the case you like. Considerations of weight, shape, construction and storage features will determine which case is best for the situations where you travel with your instrument.

Other accessories we provide include Rosin, Humidifiers, Mutes, Chin Rests, Tailpieces, String Adjusters and Peg Paste. Contact us with your requirements as there is a wide range to choose from. We are always happy to provide a complimentary fitting service for the items that require it.

Sheet Music
As there is a vast amount of sheet music available to download or order at very reasonable prices through a number of reputable internet companies, we no longer carry sheet music in store.
The following are a few places to start;
Boosey & Hawkes
Virtual Sheet Music
Free sheet music guide

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