Instrument Rental

There are many reasons for hiring an instrument rather than buying and whether you choose to buy or rent, every musician should have the opportunity to play an instrument that enhances their ability.

Therefore we provide a wide range of stringed instruments for hire that are of the highest quality and are professionally set-up. It is important that every instrument is easy to play and has an excellent quality of sound. We stock rental instruments ranging from the vintage to the modern so that you have an excellent choice of style and tonal characteristics.

To compliment our wide range of older instruments for hire, we have also added a series of modern instruments that have been hand made by a master luthier who has won many awards in violin making competitions. Each of his instruments is hand carved from timbers that have been seasoned for at least 10 years, which determines the beautiful sound they produce.

Our rental prices for any type of instrument includes the instrument, bow and case as well as our ongoing service. We carry out any necessary adjustments and keep the instrument in its optimum playing condition. We do not require a minimum rental period nor do we charge a set-up fee. With our younger players in mind, the rental term can be easily transferred when moving up to the next sized instrument. Our rental prices are determined by the type and size of instrument, for full sized instruments:

Contemporary Violin £20.00 / month

Vintage Violin £30.00 / month

Viola 25.00 / month

Contemporary Cello 40.00 / month

Vintage Cello £70.00 / month

Double Bass 50.00 / month

For younger players we do offer smaller instrument sizes, at lower prices, starting from £12.00

Most importantly, in our workshop we ensure that every instrument is set-up to the highest standards using the best quality fittings and strings. We make sure that pegs are well fitted and turn smoothly, that the bridge and soundpost are of the highest quality timbers and are also perfectly fitted and shaped. This brings out the instrument’s superb tonal quality and creates an instrument that is enjoyable to play.

Through this attention to detail, every musician who has played one of our instruments has demonstrated a profound improvement in not only their playing but also their confidence in practise and in their participation within musical groups.

Please contact us as we are happy to provide further details, answer any questions and provide advice regarding our string instrument rental program.


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