Sound Adjustments

There are many aspects of an instrument’s structure and set-up which affect the way in which its sound is produced.
Some structural aspects such as the bass bar, neck length and projection, plate thickness and rib height aren’t easily altered and it is best to address these as a final option in the most serious cases.

However there are a number of aspects which can be easily altered to improve tonal quality and projection. These include the strings, bridge, soundpost, tailpiece and in the case of a wolf note, a simple metal eliminator often resolves the problem.

Our approach in improving tonal quality is to first identify the exact concern. For example, is there difficulty with the overall projection, a specific range of notes, the balance between strings, one string in particular, general resonance, or as mentioned previously, a wolf note.

By checking the instrument’s measurements and set-up, we address each element step by step, and advise an approach to achieve the improvements we are looking for with the minimum about of disturbance to the instrument. We suggest only those changes that will guarantee an improvement. It could be that a very slight movement in the position of the soundpost, or a change of the string length will provide the answer.

Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding your instrument’s sound production and we can guide you through the processes and possibilities to achieve its optimum tonal quality.


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