About Us

Providing individual learning for every student to achieve the finest skill in violin making and restoration

It is our aim to provide every student with the very best violin making and restoration skills to achieve their goals. These goals often include;
- making a violin for the first time,
- improving violin making skills in order to enter a college course
- building upon and refining violin making ability to produce a very fine instrument
- expanding knowledge and skill in restoration techniques

As we understand that every one of our students has a different reason for attending our courses, we have designed the teaching to be able to address each individual’s needs.
To do so we have;
- limited the number of students for each class to maintain a high percentage of individual attention throughout the course.
- structured the course with an emphasis on ongoing individual assessment and discussion
to monitor progress throughout.
- incorporated an ongoing review of our teaching to ensure that the education provided
matches student requirements.

To get the best from any practical course, the learning process should be interactive and also based on understanding. Whilst teaching, we provide explanations on why any process is carried out and not just how. We also encourage student research, discussion and debate.

Further details of our courses can be found in the pages outlining the courses and you are also very welcome to contact us at any time to discuss your goals and how our tuition can provide the skills you need.


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