There are some tools which students should have of their own to be able to fully participate in the courses.

The following is a list of the minimum tools we recommend that you bring with you.
Of course you are very welcome to bring as many of your tools that you would like as there are suitable storage facilities for every student. If you would prefer for us to organise any tools, you can purchase them from us at cost when you arrive. Please tick the appropriate box on the application form and list those required.
Due to large fluctuations in the exchange rate, we can only provide an estimate upon application and the exact amount due upon your arrival.
If you would like to purchase any tools direct, we can suggest two companies that we use regularly;
DICK GmbH in Germany
Axminster in the UK

Recommended Minimum Tool List

Chisel - 15mm in width (approximately)

Gouges - The numbers given are for the Pfeil brand of gouges and are only for an approximate indication of the sweep/size. All are straight gouges.
Arching Gouge – 5/25, Fluting Gouge – 7/10, Scroll Eye – 8/7, Scroll Volute – 5/8

Inside bevel Gouge - Straight gouge with the bevel on the inside. Approximate shape to Pfeil sweep 7/size 12 or 14

Knife - Double-bevelled woodworking knife blade (also called veneer or inlay knife) 6mm wide (approximately)

Scalpel - Scalpel handle plus non-sterile blades size 10A

Rasp - Half-round, medium cut, approx 150mm cut length

File - Half-round, coarse-medium cut, approx 150mm cut length

Low-angle block plane - It is very important that the block plane you use is low-angle and not the standard angle block plane!

Plane blade to fit a Lie-Nielsen 5 ½ Jack Plane

Others - Try Square, 0.5 pencil, eraser, a pair of compasses (without pencil – also called dividers), flexible rule in mm (not ½ mm), water stones for sharpening (coarse, medium and fine or combination)

This list is the very minimum and you will most likely continue to add to your toolkit during the course. If you have any questions regarding tools please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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