You are welcome to bring any timber you have, even if it is already in progress
and we can also provide timber at cost. There is a wide variety of timber to choose from at equally varying cost so if you would like us to source the timber for you, please tick the appropriate box on your application form and we will be in contact to make these arrangements.

If you are interested in purchasing your timber direct, we can suggest a few companies based in France, Germany and Italy;
Le Bois de Lutherie in France
Gleissner in Germany
Alpentonholz in Germany (ask for Andreas Pahler)
Ciresa in Italy

When purchasing timber, there are many factors to take into consideration including age, density, and grain structure. The choice of timber is one of the topics for discussion within the courses, however we can provide you with some advice and guidance if you would like to purchase your tonewood before the start of the course.

Personal Protective Equipment

We have strict Health & Safety procedures to ensure the workshop is a safe environment for everyone. The majority of the Personal Protective Equipment is provided, however you will need to provide your own footwear.
Everyone in the workshop must wear robust shoes or boots that can protect against the risk of injury from falling sharp objects.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the suitability of your footwear.

Other Materials

As part of the course you will be compiling a portfolio with lecture/demonstration notes and photographs of your work in progress. It is recommended that you bring at least a notebook, and you are welcome to bring other equipment such as a laptop and digital camera.


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